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Tri-State is improving energy efficiency at the source, and offering incentives to those at the end of the line who use energy wisely. 


We can’t improve energy efficiency on our own. We need your commitment, too. For our part, we’re making investments to enhance electricity production at existing plants to increase the energy output and extend the operating life of these facilities. To help you do your part, Tri-State offers an Energy Efficiency Products program through our participating member co-ops (call your local electric co-op for details).  This gives you cash back for buying the things that use less power, like ENERGY STAR appliances.


Tri-State also continues to invest in new technologies that ultimately benefits end-use consumers and ensures the wise use of energy.  The goal is to help address challenges in electricity, which include reliability, efficiency, health and safety.



Focus on Efficiency:



PVREA’s new geothermal system earns a hefty Tri-State refund

Poudre Valley upgrades its aging air to air heat pump system with 84 geothermal wells, using stored energy from the earth to heat and cool their headquarters.


United Power to harness power from “stranded” natural gas wells

Utilizing the natural gas from existing wells to fuel a series of small generators (approximately 200 kilowatts each), the BluBox Energy Project plans to produce energy that will be sold under contract to United Power.


Co-op served school goes "green" for some big savings

The newest school in Mountain View Electric’s service territory goes geothermal for big energy savings.


Tri-State, Empire Electric rebate $32,000 to local schools

Tri-State, in partnership with member co-op Empire Electric Association assisted in helping support an energy efficiency lighting upgrade project that will translate into $32,439 for a series of lighting retrofits in a total of seven buildings owned by Montezuma-Cortez School District in southwestern Colorado.


Rural Wyoming school gets smart about energy efficiency
Wheatland Rural Electric Association and Tri-State G&T provided the Platte County School District $7,560 in energy efficiency incentives for replacing elementary school’s coal-fired heating system with electric thermal storage system.


Tri-State partnering with ENERGY STAR; adding appliances and new electric technologies to its energy efficiency program
Tri-State makes significant additions to the power supplier’s long-standing Energy Efficiency Credits program to further promote energy innovation and the wise use of electricity.


Tri-State takes the LE(a)D in energy efficient lighting

Tri-State recently put its long-standing commitment to energy efficiency in action when it installed cutting-edge LED lighting technology in the parking lot of its headquarters facility in the north Denver suburb of Westminster.

Co-ops provide school district incentives for energy efficiency
Tri-State and its local member distribution cooperative, Mountain View Electric Association, provided more than $190,000 in rebates and incentives to reward the school district’s commitment to energy efficiency.


Updated:  August 15, 2013




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